Where Data Security and Data Privacy Come First!

Wavefront Health Technologies

The Next Evolution In Secure, Network Driven, Data Analytic Platforms

A cloud encrypted data analytics platform
Allows data collection and sharing
Without compromising privacy or exposing data

CorrStat™ is the next evolution in controlling and using your health data. Your personal data is held in both technical and legal lockboxes. It is only visible to you!

- Access the World's health.

- Your private data is not sold off to advertisers.

- Your data is used by researchers studying health related issues.

- Researchers are not allowed access to the actual data unless you provide permission.

- No one but YOU has any idea who you are, You control your data.

- Researchers can submit requests to CorrStat that allow the system to ask you if you would like to participate in a clinical trial, study, etc.

Intrigued? Create an account and help improve the world's health. Learn more about CorrStat and CorrStat powered Apps at www.corrstat.com

Stay Ahead of the Competition

Research Package I – The base CorrStat analysis package.

Research Package II – Research Package I plus Query ability.

Research Package III – Research Package II plus the following features:

Monitoring service – CorrStat will allow Clients to set alerts sent to text and email.

Infomediary™ service – Request Member contact or updates through the CorrStat system

External Interface Access – Third-Party commercial enterprises such as IoT can create other services and Apps powered by the CorrStat platform.

CorrStat Technology Licenses – Contact us.

The newest App powered by CorrStat!

---> Attention Researchers at Academic and Non-profit Institutions

Your studies may qualify for FREE CorrStat Analytics access! Areas of research are open to any studies. Special interest in neurological diseases and cancer studies.

Send a Research Access Request

Include a description of your organization and your area(s) of research to see if your group qualifies.

When is Data Security Important?


"CorrStat is a homomorphic encryption based data analytics platform that allows data to be used without revealing the data’s identity. The patient's health and lifestyle data is encrypted, stored and analyzed offline on a separate server system. In CorrStat, only the patient themselves can see their data and give permission to others to view it."

Your data is protected by the CorrStat Technology Platform and Avalon Global Data Trust.

CorrStat is an innovative technology leap that allows the sharing of data without revealing it.

CorrStat utilizes advanced proprietary data storage, encryption, analytics, communications, and processing technologies.

This "technology suite" allows your data to be shared within the system, but your data is not visible to the world.

Members private information is unavailable to the Internet.

CorrStat allows registered clients to send a message to selected populations, but the client does not know who got the request, how many people received the request, or if the request was ignored.

Start your own business or App using the CorrStat API.

CorrStat Respects and Guards Privacy!

CorrStat utilizes advanced proprietary data storage, encryption, communications, and processing technologies.

Member's data is not sold, shared, or bartered with anyone else.

Member's health data is available for use by the system, but the actual data is never revealed.

CorrStat management and employees don't have access to the encrypted data

CorrStat does not have an administrative interface and cannot access Member accounts.

CorrStat is a "zero-knowledge" platform.

About Us

Wavefront Health Technologies Corporate Philosophy

Corporate Philosophy

WaveFront's business philosophy is based on Integrity and WaveFront believes that Integrity is achieved with:
Honesty - Deal honestly with everyone in our lives.
Respect - For each other and those we work with
Knowledge - The more we learn the more everyone gains
We believe that by dealing from Integrity in all we do, we enrich our lives and the lives of those around us. WaveFront's goal is to allow the sharing of health and lifestyle data while protecting everyone's identity. We recognize that people have the right to benefit from their information while their identities remain private.

Michael Gregson - Founder

Michael is the founder of WaveFront and the creator of the CorrStat homomorphic encryption technology. His technology career has covered the spectrum from software development to management and marketing. In the mid-2000s he turned his attention to the Life Sciences with the goal of merging technology with science to make the process of discovering, researching, and developing health products quicker and more efficient. This led to the creation of WaveFront Clinical Management Services, LLC (WCMS) that had clients in San Diego and Boston. WCMS worked with companies in clinical trials to move their clinical documentation to electronic records. When the drug development pipeline slowed dramatically in 2009, he began focusing on data privacy and working on the CorrStat technology.

In 2010, Michael founded the Life Science & Technology HUB (LST HUB), a well regarded Palm Beach County, Florida 501(c)3 non-profit that is uniting the resources needed to grow the region’s life science and technology business ecosystem. BioFlorida joined with Michael shortly after he created LST HUB as a Supporting Partner. LST HUB now has HUBs operating in Palm Beach.



One platform - many applications!

CorrStat is an exciting technology that allows data to be analyzed without compromising the data's owner. So advanced it allows an analyst to query a data population in real time. The data storage software is a flexible data solution that also grows in real time.

If data security and scalability is needed, The CorrStat Platform is the only solution built from a "security first" mindset. Security should never be an afterthought.

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Cosmos Continuum

"Where the message becomes your World!"™

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Cosmos Continuum is the merging of Augmented Reality, Advertising and Data Privacy. Cosmos Continuum blends your message with the viewer's personality without invading privacy. Utilizing CorrStat's security infused architecture and the creative powerhouse of The Netherland's Studio Bleep, Cosmos Continuum is the next generation of messaging, advertising entertaining and gaming.

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WaveFront is not currently looking for investors.

All inquiries regarding investing in WaveFront Health Technologies INC are to be directed to WaveFront Investor Inquiries


As a young startup we are looking for the right people to grow WaveFront into an amazing company. We will be looking for people in the areas of business development, software engineering, and marketing. Exposure or previous experience in the medical, advertising or life science industries is important. Keep checking here for more information when we begin hiring.

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WaveFront Health Technologies is located in Palm Beach Gardens, FL.
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CorrStat was envsioned during a conversation with a young cancer (Hodgkins) survivor. The person had contracted the cancer at a young age while pregnant.

She related that while she was undergoing radiation and chemotherapy treatments she joined a cancer support group. The support group was helpful and not what she expected. Instead of a group of older individuals, she was in a group composed of mid-twenty aged women with newborn babies who had developed Hodgkins during their pregnancies (talk about some serious coincidences).

Then she asked, "Do you want to know something really odd about this group?" (Starting to calculate Vegas odds...)

She continued, "All of us who developed cancer while we were pregnant had Epstein Barr before the age of twenty". The first question was, "Who knows about this, who is researching this, what are the odds???" Her answer, "I guess, We do…".

"We do"! With that one simple phase it became clear that the medical profession must be missing out on scores of stories like this one. Within minutes, the genesis for CorrStat was born, and the research and development to produce a system that would allow access to health and lifestyle data on a world wide network began. Since then it has grown into a secure data platform that supports multiple applications across a variety of industries without violating privacy or revealing a person's data.